Best Before 31/05/2022: Honig Koninginnensoep / Queen Soup (Creamy vegetable)

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 Honig koninginnesoep is een echte Hollandse klassieker. De groenten en bouillon geven je een zelfgemaakte soep een smaak die vrijwel iedereen lekker vindt.

 Honig Queens soup is a classic creamy Dutch soup, filled with vegetables en delicious spices.

How to prepare (6 persons)

- Packet of Honig Queens soup mix - 250 g of sliced carrot - 2 tbsp. finely chopped parsley
- 1500 ml of water General preparation method 1 Sprinkle the contents of the bag into a pan with 1.5 liters of cold water and bring to the boil while stirring with a whisk. 2 As soon as the soup boils, add the sliced ​​carrot. 3 Put the lid on the pan (do not close completely) and let the soup simmer for another 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Garnish the soup with the finely chopped parsley. Variation tip Add extra finely chopped spring onion and ham cubes to the soup