Cookbook Classic German Baking

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The Very Best Recipes for Traditional Favorites, from Pfeffernsse to Streuselkuchen

German baking is legendary and informs baking traditions the world over. Christmas cookies, coffee cakes, delicate tortes, soft seeded rolls, and hearty dumplings all have their origins in Germany (and Austria). In Classic German Baking, blogger and author Luisa Weiss, who was born in Berlin to an Italian mother and American father, and married into a family of bakers with roots in Saxony, has collected and mastered the recipes most essential to every good baker's repertoire. In addition to the pillars of the German baking tradition, like Christmas stollen, lebkuchen, and apple strudel, Weiss includes overlooked gems, like eisenbahner (an almond macaroon paste piped onto jam-topped shortbread)and rosinen brötchen (the raisin-studded whole wheat buns) to create the resource that bakers across the world have long wanted.

Language English by Luisa Weiss