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Acclaimed chef Heinz Von Holzen has brought out yet another cookbook to add to his previous publications on Indonesian cooking 

The Step-by-Step Cooking series features classic and modern dishes from various world cuisines. Details on selected ingredients provide an insight into, and an understanding of, the intricacies and unique heritage of each cuisine. Photographs and advice on food preparation and cooking techniques accompany the step-by-step instructions, making each dish a breeze to recreate in the home kitchen.

This Indonesian collection whets your appetite with recipes from basic dips and sauces to hearty meals and satisfying desserts. Try your hand at serving up Chicken with Tomato Sambal, Creamy Duck Curry and Grilled Fish in Banana Leaf. Other satisfying choices include the aromatic Spiced Chicken Stew with Potatoes and Beef Braised in Coconut Milk. End off the meal with smooth Coconut Almond Pudding or flavourful Dumplings in Sweet Ginger Soup. Discover more of such sumptuous combinations as you delve into this exciting volume that offers not only informative recipes but also culinary tips.

Author Heinz Von Holzen