Cookbook The Biscoff cookie and spread (Lotus)

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This is a wonderful cookbook for anyone who loves Lotus Biscoff Spread/ Lotus Speculoos!

Who can say no to something called “cookie butter”? Especially when it’s baked into such treats as Caramel Biscoff Brownies, Crunchy Biscoff Pretzel Cups, or Biscoff Buttercream Cupcakes? The taste is similar to a sophisticated peanut butter, but this delicious spread is made from cookies, not nuts.

The spread originates from a Belgium reality television show and became wildly popular almost overnight. Recipes for sweets and cakes made with Biscoff cookie spread went viral Home chefs everywhere have embraced the spread and the cookies as a go-to ingredients for cakes, mousses, candies, and more. Blogger Katrina Bahl helped spark the trend. Here she offers more than 70 simple yet unique recipes starring Biscoff spread and cookies, as well as the gorgeous photographs her readers have grown to expect.

Paperback by Katrina Bahl