De Ruijter 12 x Anijs staafjes / Aniseed Sticks


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Contents: 75g

Met anijsstaafjes van De Ruijter maakt u in een handomdraai lekkere anijsmelk, door de inhoud van een tot twee zakjes op te lossen in een beker warme melk. Even roeren en uw anijsmelk is klaar.


Aniseed milk (anijsmelk ) is a Dutch drink consisting of hot milk flavoured with aniseed and sweetened with sugar. A traditional Dutch drink that is said to help aid sleep. The drink is very popular outside the Netherlands, is consumed by expats worldwide. De Ruijter and have been producing this product since at least the 19th century. However, the machine that was used to make these aniseed and sugar blocks broke down and due to the age of the machine was irreparable. Since then, the product is now sold in powder sachets.

Simply add one or two sticks to warm milk.


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