Van Beekum Frikandellen Mix / Spices for Dutch skinless sausages (frikandel)


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Kant en klare kruidenmix inclusief bindmiddelen voor het bereiden van de oer Hollandse frikandel!

Ready-made spice mix including binding agents for preparing the traditional Dutch frikandel!

The frikandel is one of the Netherlands' most popular snacks. 
Ingredients of the frikandel: 100 grams of beef 400 grams of pork 500 grams of spek / cheek bacon (kinnebak/wangspek) 60 grams of water 30 grams of frikandellen mix

Ingredients broth: 3 liters of water 120 grams of stock powder It is also possible to cook the frikandel in water, without broth The preparation Cut the meat into large pieces (about the size of an egg) and let the meat cool down by placing it in the fridge or freezing it briefly. Make sure that the blades and plates of your minced meat/meat grinder are sharp . You need a 10mm and 3mm plate. We are going to make frikandels of about 20 cm which you can use a meat press (3cm diameter) or you can roll and shape the frikandels by hand.
Preparation Grind the meat coarsely through the 10 mm plate with your meat grinder. Mix the meat with the spice mix and the water. Now the new paste goes through the 3 mm plate. Make sure everything is well mixed. If you have a tamping machine, set it to 20 cm and 100 grams. You can also shape the frikandel with your hand. Now prepare the stock by heating the water to just below the boiling point and mixing with the stock powder. Use 3 liters of water and 120 grams of powder. Slide your frikandels into the stock (still at 80 degrees) and let them cook here for about 25 to 30 minutes. Let the frikandels cool in cold water and then freeze them immediately. To serve Frying: 4 minutes at 180 degrees Frying pan: Fry in a knob of butter, turn regularly (9 minutes) Oven: 14 minutes at 250 degrees in the middle of the oven

Size : 230g 

Ingredients: salt, herbs and spices (onion powder, pepper, ginger, nutmeg, mace, coriander), emulsifier (E450), flavor enhancer (E621).


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