Homemade Tompoucen Mix / Mix For Dutch Cream Slices

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Mix voor Tompoucen

Homemade is een welbekend merk en verkrijgbaar in alle grote supermarkten in Nederland. Het concept is simpel water toevoegen.

Mix for Dutch Cream slices 

Homemade is a well known brand in the Netherlands and available from all major supermarkets there. Their power is simplicity, JUST ADD WATER 

TIP You can add fruit to your cream for example passion fruit!



Mix the (banketbakkersroom) Pasty cream mix and 275 ml water in a food mixer using a whisk and mixing on the highest setting for 1-2 minutes.

Fill the piping bag with the pastry cream and cut a point from the end of the pipping bag.

Pipe the pastry cream in rows onto a pastry slices starting from the outside edge. Place two cream filled pastry slices on top of each other and press gently.

With the back of a knife you can neatly finish the sides.

To make the icing. Measure 10 ml of water with the measuring cup and mix it with the pink icing powder until smooth. Put the glaze mixture in the microwave for 10 seconds, stir it well and spread it on the top of your cream slices.

Let the cream slices set in the fridge for about 60 minutes.

Then cut the cream slice into 4 equal pieces as per the instruction markings.

Please store the cream slices in the fridge after preparation.


Banketbakkersroommix : gemodfficeerd aardappelzetmeel, magere en volle MELKpoeder, geharde palmpitolie, glucosestroop, emulgatoren: E472a-E472b, kokosolie, LACTOSE, MELKeiwit, eleermiddelen: E450-E339, verdikkingsmiddel: E407, stabilisator: E339-E401, voedingszuur: E263, aroma, kleurstof: E16 0a.

Roze glazuurpoeder : suiker, glucosestroop, kleurstoffen: bietenrood-anatto, aroma.

Roomboter tompouceplakken: TARWEbloem [GLUTEN], 44% roomboter [MELK], zout.

Kan sporen van ei, soja en noten bevatten


Cream mix: Modified potato starch, skimmed and full-fat MILK powder, hardened palm kernel oil, corn syrup, emulsifiers: E472a-E472b, coconut oil, LACTOSE, MILK protein, elelants: E450-E339, thickener: E407, stabilizer: E339-color: E339-color: E339-color: E339: E339 : E16 0a.

Pink icing powder: sugar, corn syrup, dyes: beet red anatto, aroma.

Pastry slices: WHEAT flour [GLUTEN], 44% butter [MILK], salt.

May contain traces of egg, soy and nuts