Little Orange Dutch Sweets Gift Box

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Give a little orange treat!

Gift box includes: 

1x Look-O-Look 13x Salmiak  knotsen / Salmiak licorice lollypops

1x Napoleon Zwart-Wit ballen/ Black-White Salmiak Balls  200g 

1x Rademaker Haagsche hopjes/ Coffee and caramel sweets 200g

1x Meenk Goed Zout Drop / Salt Licorice 180g

1x Kindly's Jelly Babies (dusted) 200g

1x Meenk Geveltjes Drop (zoet) / Dutch Houses shaped licorice (Sweet) 180g 

1x Fisherman's Friend Drop Pastilles (Suikervrij) / Licorice Lozenges (Sugarfree) 25g 

1x Fisherman's Friend Drop Anijs Pastilles / Licorice Aniseed Lozenges 25g 

1x Fisherman's Friend Salmiak Pastilles (Suikervrij) / Salmiak Lozenges (Sugarfree) 25g 

1x Orange gift box 20 x 20 x 20cm

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Best before date 19/09/21