Melt GC 10 x Vegan Croquettes Portobello & Spinach (Frozen)

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Vegan kroketten met paddestoelen en spinazie van Melt on the Gold Coast

The ragout of our vegan croquette is made of a slow cooked vegetable broth, containing assorted mushrooms and a variety of vegetables.

Once stewed we add onion, garlic, organic coconut oil and spinach.

This handmade croquette is the perfect combination of a flavoursome ragout, finished with a crunchy vegan coating.


Fun fact: This croquette is a unique creation from our own chef. 

Serving suggestion

Our croquettes can be served in several ways. 

As a meal we recommend serving them with a fresh mixed salad, with deep-fried parsley, chickpeas, fried garlic and beetroot hummus. 


Of course you can also enjoy the croquette as a snack, e.g. with vegan aioli on the side.

Cooking instructions

Remove the frozen croquettes from the package and deep fry at

180 degrees for 5 minutes. Thawed croquettes only need to be deep fried for 3 to 4 minutes at 180 degrees. Croquettes can not be refrozen once thawed. Do not deep-fry more than 4 Croquettes at a time as the 

oil temperature will drop too much.


Be careful: let them cool down for a minute after deep-frying, the filling can be very hot!



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