Melt GC 8 x Bami Schijf/ Bami Goreng Snack 95g (Frozen)

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Bamischijf by Melt On the Goldcoast

The "Bamischijf" is traditionally one of the most popular snacks in the Dutch “snackbar”, and a direct legacy of Dutch colonial history in present-day Indonesia. Therefore it had to be included in our assortment. 

The "Bamischijf" is made of 100% free-range chicken, bacon, noodles, Indonesian spices and fresh vegetables. In the Netherlands you can buy them in two shapes; round and rectangulare. 

Fun fact:  The "Bamischijf" was invented to use up leftover Bami Goreng.

Cooking instructions

Deep fry the product for 6-7 minutes at at 180°, using canola, vegetable or sunflower oil. It is not recommended to defrost the product prior to cooking. 

Be careful: let them cool down for a minute after deep-frying, the filling can be very hot!