Monica Spekkoek chocolade (Kek lapis) / Layer Cake chocolate

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410 g

Monica Spekkoek chocolade - Kek Lapis -Superior quality Layer Cake Chocolate 410g.

A rich layer cake delicacy flavored with fragrant spices, Spekkoek originally comes from Holland. It is a very unique cake that must be baked one layer at a time in a very labor intensive process. It can be eaten as a snack at any time of the day or as a fancy dessert. It is sometimes served or given as gifts at birthday parties and weddings. 

Serving instruction:
1. to serve, cut the layer cake into slices of about 1.5 cm thick. For best result, warm the cake in microwave oven for approx 25 seconds. this will soften the cake and enrich the aroma!
2. Best to store the uncut cake in the fridge once opened