Van Beekum Smikkelsaus Mix/ Smikkel sauce mix


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Contents: 190g

De secret ingredients om zelf Smikkelsaus te maken. Eenvoudig, lekker en vers Zeer lekker bij onder andere  als saus bij kipgerechten;- als saus/dressing bij salades; – bij de frietjes;- als dipsaus bij chips of groentesnacks;- bij de borrelhapjes;- bij frikandellen, gehaktballen en andere snacks;- bij worstenbroodjes!

The secret ingredients to make your own Smikkel sauce. Simple, tasty and fresh. Very tasty with, among other things – as a sauce with chicken dishes; – as a sauce/dressing for salads; – with the fries; – as a dipping sauce with chips or vegetable snacks; – with the snacks; – with frikandels, meatballs and other snacks; – with sausage rolls.

Recipe Make the tastiest Smikkelsaus® yourself with this recipe for 200 grams of sauce: Dissolve 10 grams of Smikkelsaus® mix (2 level tablespoons) in 20 grams of water (soak for 1 minute). Add a total of 140 grams of mayonnaise and/or fries sauce and/or light mayonnaise or combinations thereof. The original ratio is 70 grams of mayonnaise and 70 grams of chip sauce. Mix in 20 grams of Hela or Zeisner  Curry ketchup (no curry and no tomato ketchup). Mix everything together well and the original Smikkelsaus® is ready. Warning: very addictive!


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