Venco Droptoppers Salmiak & Mint


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Droptoppers salmiak en mint: een heerlijke dropmix met schoolkrijt, zwart-witjes, salmiakrondos en tikkels drop.

  • Salmiak en mint dropmix
  • Krokante bite
  • Verrassende kernen

Assorted Salmiak and Mint Licorice

  • School chalk licorice is white ‘filled’ chalks have a sweet, crunchy exterior with a soft anise licorice mint filling.
  • Zwart Witjes or Black White mix Peppermint shelled licorice with strong salmiak flavour inside. Very addictive and eaten in handfuls!
  • Salmiak rondos have a crunchy black licorice shell with a soft and chewy salmiak centre.
  • Tikkels are tasty variation of licorice and mint licorice. Hard on the outside, soft inside!


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