Zonnatura Groentespread Paprika/ Vegetable spread Paprika

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Zonnatura Paprikaspread is een heerlijke groentespread met meer dan 60% groenten en is veel meer groenten dan in de meeste groentespreads!

Zonnatura Paprikaspread is 100% biologisch en niet alleen lekker op een boterham, maar ook op een toastje of door de pastasalade.


Zonnatura Paprikas spread is a delicious vegetable spread with more than 60% vegetables and is much more vegetables than in most vegetable spreads!

Zonnatura Paprika Spread is 100% organic and not only delicious on a sandwich, but also on toast or in a pasta salad.

Ingredients :Paprika * (red, yellow and green) 62%, sunflower seeds *, sunflower oil *, agava syrup *, tomato paste * 3%, sun-dried tomatoes * 2%, potato starch *, lemon juice concentrate *, onion powder *, garlic powder *, white pepper *, sea salt , thyme *, thickener: locust bean gum *

* organic ingredient 

Tip: great as a dip with different vegetable sticks!