Gift hamper All Sorts of Licorice


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Cadeau nodig voor een drop liefhebber?

Need the perfect gift for someone who loves their Dutch licorice ?

Gift hamper includes: 

1x Venco Kleuren drop / Coloured Licorice torpedos 166 g

1x Venco Munten drop (zoet) / Coin Licorice (sweet) 168g

1x Venco Menthol Kruisdrop / Menthol Licorice 173g

1x Venco Boerderij Drop (zout) / Farm Animals shaped Licorice (salt) 173g

1x Venco Katjes drop / Cat shaped licorice (sweet) 166g

1x Venco Dubbel zoute drop / Double Salt licorice 120g

1x Witte glanzende kartonnen tray/ Hamper Tray white gloss cardboard

We are always happy to include a message with your gift just enter your text in the comments 

Best before date 02/11/24


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