Rituals The Ritual of Karma Cooling After Sun Shower Gel


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Holy lotus is a symbol of purity, beauty and wisdom and is known for its soothing and caring properties.


White tea is a lightly oxidized tea grown and harvested primarily in China. More recently, it is grown in eastern Nepal, northern Thailand, southern Sri Lanka and India. White tea lends our perfume a fresh, clean and green fragrance with a slight flowery accord. White tea is said to sharpen the senses.

Treat and hydrate your summer skin with The Ritual of Karma After Sun Cooling Shower Gel. This softening shower gel with lush foaming effect is enriched with the beautiful antioxidant-rich white tea and soothing aloe vera, just the things your skin needs after a day in the sun. For an instantly refreshing and cooling sensation, step into a lukewarm shower and massage the after sun gel onto the skin. The longer you wait before rinsing off, the cooler it becomes.


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